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Keeping Bodies Happy For Over 20 Years

I’ve had the great blessing to have known and been the recipient Karen Wright’s massage and cranial sacral work for many years.  And now, her lymphatic system work has deepened my body’s ability to heal.  I’ve been trying to work through PTSD for the past 3 years.  Karen’s healing modalities of massage, cranial sacral and lymphatic system work has been invaluable to my healing process.  She’s a gift.

-Doreen Elizabeth

Karen's massages are a most delightful self-care treat - I highly recommend! She puts me at ease with her unhurried demeanor as she asks what my needs are for the session, and instantly the rest of the world recedes into the background as I get to sink into being very well-taken care of. Her intuitive, practiced touch is thorough and strong, and she has a knack for convincing stubborn knots to melt. She unobtrusively checks in about the pressure and adjusts accordingly. I appreciate that she takes my cue whether to have conversation, and also notices when I prefer quiet and is silently present so I can sink deeply into the sensation of the fantastic massage. I leave feeling grounded, calm and with a very happy body!

-Swantje Agape

Highly recommend!  Karen listens to what you and your body needs and is more than a massage - it is a restorative healing experience that leaves you totally relaxed and invigorated.

-Jenni Allen

I have been a client of Karen's for over 15 years. Karen is very intuitive and really listens to my body.  Each massage leaves me refreshed, relaxed and pain free. Karen always asks how my body is feeling and will customize the massage to match my needs. On vacation, I have tried many different spas but always look forward to coming back to my favorite masseuse, Karen.

-Debbie Baluum

Karen's demeanor puts you at ease from the moment you walk in and the massage is completely relaxing!

-Carolyn Perrotti

Karen is my favorite massage therapist!  She has healed and nurtured me through several life passages, including pregnancy, postpartum care and help with neck and shoulder pain as well as provided deep restorative relaxation. Karen has a unique style that unifies the body, she uses long strokes which allow me to integrate and connect to all of me. She is supremely present, honoring if I need to share deep feelings or spend a session in complete silence. Her CranialSacral work is profound. I have had incredible experiences of well-being, feeling my deeper systems flow and come alive.

-Deborah Grace

Karen is absolutely amazing, she really knows how to get in tune with your body.  She really enjoys what she does and makes sure you leave feeling like non other!  I have had a few other massages by a CMT and no one even comes close to what she does.  I will continue to use her as long as I live in Sacramento and encourage anyone else to give her a shot and you will be soon writing a review just like me.

-John Sedminik

Karen has the gift of healing touch and a deep awareness of what the body, mind & spirit is calling for.  Whether gentle or deep pressure is required, Karen's thorough understanding of physiology guides her to find those places that need release. Her massages are the best I've ever had and would recommend her amazing work to anyone who appreciates quality care.

-Roy Cunningham

What a wonderful experience overall. With Karen I felt instantly at home and relaxed. She has an intuitive sense of how much pressure to apply and where my body needs it most. I highly recommend her!

-Brian Buckle

Karen is absolutely wonderful! She really pays attention to my whole body, using pressure when needed, warm stones, as well as finishing with cranial sacral work. 
My 9 year old daughter has had a couple sessions with Karen, at first she was apprehensive to go, but after her first visit she couldn't wait to go back. She loved it! 
Through her massage work you can tell she cares about releasing what my body has been holding on to. When I leave her office I feel a huge release and I feel completely relaxed.

-Shannon Milligan

So why see Karen? Karen treats each patient uniquely. She will communicate and ask questions to understand her client's needs.  I prefer deeper tissue, and she has very strong hands!  She's great at making her clients comfortable and walking them through breathing exercises to fully benefit from their experience. For over five years on a monthly basis, Karen has provided me an hour of fully "stress- free, down time".  I am very grateful for finding such a unique therapist and look forward to working with Karen for many years to come.

-Elizabeth Adams


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